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Our Monthly Memberships

The best defense is a good offense

Balance Integrative & Infusion is a membership-based Direct Primary Care family practice, with a strong emphasis on illness prevention through health and wellness. We offer personalized in office and telemedicine services for individuals, families, and small businesses. Rejuvenating IV vitamin infusions are also available. Our goal is to help you achieve Balance of mind, body and spirit!

Balance Integrative & Infusion. Holistic and allopathic medicine balanced with IV Infusions in the Temple/Belton area.

A good life is about Balance. Unfortunately, healthcare has very little of it. In 2018, I had the crazy idea that healthcare didn’t have to consume the family or business budget; there could be a balance in providing quality healthcare at a reasonable price.

It didn’t have to be exclusively allopathic and pharmaceutical based either.

I knew that I wanted a provider that offered whole food supplements, vitamins, minerals, and lifestyle changes, rather than pressuring me to take an expensive prescription medication. One that believed in Chiropractics and Acupuncture-not just muscle relaxers and pain medication.

I knew that I wanted a provider that would spend more than 10 minutes in the room with me and actually listen to what I had to say.

I knew that I was interested in holistic treatments and had an open mind to alternative healthcare modalities.

I knew that I wanted a provider that believed in the power of prayer and would…possibly…(GULP)…even pray with and for me…So, if I wanted those qualities in my provider, did others? Did that provider, could that provider, possibly exist?!? I didn’t know.

What I did know was, that was the kind of provider I wanted to be.

That idea eventually became the first DPC practice in Temple, Texas, providing care for individuals, families, and business sponsored employees. I am very proud of what I created and helped to accomplish in those first few years and now I’d like to share what I have learned.

Come, let us help you find balance with affordable, personalized healthcare and revitalizing, immune building infusion therapy at Balance Integrative & Infusion.

Care and Blessings,


“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”

Matthew 18:20

Some of our membership benefits:


In Office Visits

By appointment


No Copays or Deductibles


Gynecological Exams

(Does not include cost of pathology)



Adult annual & well child. No membership needed for sports/camp/pre-operative physicals


Greatly Reduced Cash Pricing

Labs and radiologic services



Via call, text, or video for medical concerns 7am-7pm



Quality Supplements


Employer Sponsored Healthcare

Small business owners-contact us today


Nutritional Response Testing/Muscle Testing


BioTe Hormone Treatment, Nutrition and Weight Loss Counseling, and Medication Counseling.


Anthroposophic Treatments

Our Memberships

Don’t want a membership? I’m not mad at ya, c’mon in & let’s get you taken care of! Acute visits $150/per visit (charges do not include membership, medications, infusions, labs, or imaging).

All fees collected at time of registration, including a $50 enrollment fee on all ADULT memberships. The enrollment fee will be waived for all active duty and retired military.

0-17 Years

Quarterly (3 mo) Membership
$ 85
*Family Discounts Available
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18-44 Years

Quarterly (3 mo) Membership
$ 175
*Student/Couples Discounts Available
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45-64 Years

Quarterly (3 mo) Membership

*Special packages available for students, couples, families and seniors 65+ upon request. *A $25 service fee charged for every failed charge with credit/debit card payments. *A $5 convenience fee will be charged on all card payments.

Let us help you find balance with affordable, personalized healthcare and revitalizing, immune building infusion therapy.

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