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Medical Membership

We are a membership-based practice with exciting benefits and a very strong emphasis on prevention of illness by promoting health and wellness. Sometimes life gets the better of us, no matter how well we prepare. When it does, reach out and we’ll get you all tuned up.  Life is complicated enough-your healthcare doesn’t have to be! 

Don’t want a membership? I’m not mad at ya, c’mon in & let’s get you taken care of! Acute visits are $150/per visit (charges do not include membership, medications, infusions, labs, or imaging).

Our Memberships

All Balance Integrative & Infusion membership fees are collected at time of registration. There is a $50 enrollment fee on all ADULT memberships. The enrollment fee will be waived for all active duty and retired military.

Don't Want a Membership?

I’m not mad at ya, c’mon in & let’s get you taken care of! Acute visits are $150/per visit (charges do not include membership, medications, infusions, labs, or imaging). Payment is collected in full at the time of service.

0-17 Years

Quarterly (3 mo) Membership
$ 85
*Family Discounts Available
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18-44 Years

Quarterly (3 mo) Membership
$ 175
*Student/Couples Discounts Available
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45-64 Years

Quarterly (3 mo) Membership
  • Special packages available for students, couples, families and seniors 65+ upon request. 
  • A $25 service fee will be charged for every failed credit/debit payment. 
  • A $5 convenience fee will be charged for all credit/debit payments. 
  • All Medicare patients have certain restrictions to their memberships. 
  • Balance Integrative and Infusion will not bill Medicare, Medicaid, or any insurance for services rendered under this Agreement. Member understands that there is no guarantee that Member will be reimbursed by any other entity (e.g. private health insurance, a company FSA or HSA, etc.) for services rendered. Registrants are responsible for all expenses incurred.

Some of the features of our medical memberships include, but are not limited to:

Access to providers via call, text for medical concerns, days/week 7am-7pm. All communications received Monday thru Saturday will receive responses the same day, most often within hours. Sunday communications will receive responses on Monday or as deemed appropriate by the provider.

IV Vitamin Infusions and Injections

At Balance Integrative & Infusion all vitamin IVs are mixed immediately prior to infusion with the highest quality, preservative free nutrients to ensure the infusion has the most health benefits. Unlike some of our competitors, we measure our vitamins in the thousands!

  • High Dose Vitamin C
  • Myer’s Cocktail
  • Just Hydration
  • Glutathione
  • Super Immune Boost
  • Migraine Relief
  • Bariatric Booster
  • The Detox
  • Also available upon request: customizable infusions, youth & beauty, and weight loss.

Let us help you find balance with affordable, personalized healthcare and revitalizing, immune building infusion therapy.

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